Farmer planting young seedlings

Well, it’s the time of year a lot of us have been getting stuck into our garden beds and potted plants. The decision between…
• Mulch?
• Feed?
• Feed and mulch?
• Re-Pot / Re-apply a mix and give it the lot…??
…has us scrambling the aisles putting together the right brew for this area, that bed, the verandah shrubs… gah! You chew the ear off the horticulturist, who’s Saturday’s must be exhausting about now, switching topics sporadically and then try to remember why you bought – what and for where, once you get home. Then, post cuppa, it’ll have to be Sunday’s job, because there’s now half a dozen children running around the house pumped up from their Saturday sports. You’re left sitting there thinking- “geez, I only remember having three of those [kids]!?”.

When it comes to beds and pots I’m a huge fan of food, actually when it comes to any thought pattern, I’m a huge fan of food. For this time of year with the days growing shorter and the nights growing cooler my plans lean toward the easier faster result, something I can get out there and stuff around a little bit with, every couple of days while I get my vitamin D. Harvest a bit of this and that, pluck a few weeds, then satisfy my slight OCD side by re-fluffing a bit of straw. Nothing that really should take much longer than a big cup of tea but you could lose a weekend morning to it if the mood should strike.

Being a Queenslander, salad never really leafs my diet (ha, sorry) all year round but some root veggies for stews and the like, start to raise their heads. I’m going for my herbal stalwarts in Parsley, Coriander, Dill, (Basil’s still going strong) and Mint, then looser leaf type lettuce’s, Rocket, Spinach, Endive, Silver Beet & Rainbow Chard. Then because a good chicken broth can keep one alive for days, some stir fry and Asian soup stuff like Mizuna, Wong Bok, Pak Choi, Bok Choi, Tatsoi. In the other beds Broccolini, Spring Onions, Radishes, mini Roma Tomatoes and of course Kale…we’ll live for weeks!

My prep for the beds is simple as 1,2,3. I grab our Live Organic Matter Pellets, mix in the requisite amount of Active Liquid Biology then work the mix into the top layer of soil. The brew is both a prebiotic and a probiotic as it combines the food for the biology to consume. Then, also as it breaks the pellets down – it draws with it – the fertilising aspect of the pelletised product. All in a natural, steady format…the way nature does it. (You’ll be able to find this product on the site soon!)

I like to spread clean straw to completely hide the soil surface, then water until it pools on the soil surface under that. I then bugger off for the better part of a fortnight but you don’t have to, it just let’s nutrients and minerals release in the soil a bit more. If this is your first time using this style of product, I would. Actually I put it in even while some beds are laying bare, just to keep the soil structure healthy and healthy weeds are easier to see.

After I plant out the different varieties, I don’t really do a great deal until I re-plant. There’s usually enough food in the pellets for a couple of harvests but because I like super nutrient dense food, I top it up. This all saves me buying fresh potting mix every season and although I love the seaweed and fish liquids to water things in after planting, I don’t bother anymore.

Anyhow, the kettle has boiled three times now, mouths watering from all this talk of food. Have fun and thanks for reading!