This taste a bit dry to you?

Pans aren’t Pots

The terrible thing about drought is it can cause long lasting, underlying issues which are hard to diagnose by sight. We recently had a client who was tearing his hair out as to why his normally satisfactory watering regime was simply not cutting it this season.

Upon inspection of a few photos he’d sent in, we diagnosed his issue as being a hard compacted “pan” of clay soil, typical to his area. Looking at the garden’s prior abundant growth and surface organic matter, it was hard to imagine the issue could be moisture penetration.

More $$$

He had thrown quite a deal of cash at the problem areas and increased his watering regime, to no avail. Foliar fertilisers and soil amendments such as slow release granules. Some helped to an extent but within a fortnight he was back to square one.

If this issue was to continue, he would have been looking at the once vibrant level of health in his garden drop to a dust bowl. Also, he would have been faced with much harder management, machinery use and expensive inputs.

Lights, Camera, Action(s)

The first thing we suggested was to use an aerator as a non-invasive way of getting some form of tilth to the soils surface and sub-surface. 2 passes in different directions on the lawn areas. Some of the garden beds had access for the aerator and he simply finished off the rest with a garden fork.

Then he applied our fertiliser blended specifically for his situation, full of all sorts of goodness including a specific percentage of calcium sulphate (gypsum). Because our granular fertilisers are made from rock minerals ground into powdered form then formed back up into the granules you see in the bag, they break down again fast. Absorbing into soils rapidly, to become plant available.

In this case, allow the plants to access the minerals and nutrients added but also what was already present in the soil. Everything in our blends compliments the other ingredients and it all compliments what is already in your soil.

Heck yes, H2O!

After watering it in and within 5 days of the treatment, our client had built his soils moisture profile back up and he was seeing the green that comes with a healthy balanced soil, spreading back across his garden.

Results are in

10 days later, his previous twice weekly watering regime was as effective as it had been prior to the drought and his whole garden was improving at a rate of knots. It was now using minerals and nutrients it simply could not access before.

One back yard closer to changing the universe!

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