Safe Fertiliser Amounts

Unsure about the amount of fertiliser you need to apply on your garden? Although uniquely developed for specific locations around Australia, our Smart Release fertilisers act a lot like other Smart Release fertiliser products, and we’re sure you’ll have no trouble applying it. Smart Release fertilisers are a lot harder to over-fertilise with and are generally safer to apply than other fertilisers because of the natural- slow, heat and moisture-activated process.

How Much Should I Apply?

The amount you need to apply depends on several factors that vary from backyard to backyard. For most of our fertilisers, we recommend applying anywhere from 15-40 grams per square meter,  depending on your environment. See the inside label on your bag, you will find full instructions for your specific blend.

Smart Release fertilisers activate via warmth and moisture, and therefore shady areas will be slower to activate. We encourage our customers to experiment within the safe recommend range to find the ‘sweet spot’ that their gardens flourish the best in.

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See our FAQs page for more information regarding safe application of our specially-formulated Smart Release fertiliser.

Tips for Dying Grass:

In our experience working in droughts, we’ve found Smart-Release fertilisers to be a fantastic choice to keep plant life going strong in the harshest of conditions. Our Smart-Release fertilisers are designed to be a great choice for reviving fragile grass, as well as maintaining your flourishing grass. A common mistake people make is to use fertiliser high in urea, which although effective in some circumstances, can burn out grass and kill it altogether if applied in large doses.

When you’ve got dying grass, it’s especially important to be gentle when applying fertiliser. Drowning dying grass in water or fertiliser can exacerbate the problem and we recommend watering regularly in adequate quantities to wet your soil. We’ve got a set of tips available on how to apply fertiliser to revive dying grass.

Learn More About Safe Fertiliser Quantities

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