Smart Release Fertilisers and The Garden Cycle 

Smart Release fertilisers work with the gardens cycle to ensure that your entire garden uses water efficiently and thrives year-round. If you are trying to grow a healthy garden then it is not only important to understand the gardens cycle and the best time to feed and water your garden, but you should also understand the key role that healthy soil plays. Growing a healthy garden or simply trying to resurrect dying grass, requires you to know what is missing from the soil and to add that gradually. Adding short-lived, un-balanced fertilisers such as many are, will only provide you with short-term results and you’ll wind up in an endless cycle of fertilising and watering your grass as it cycles through different stages of health. Never quite reaching the stage of major nutrient self-replenishment, which in any ecology, is the long term goal. A healthy lawn can provide up to 25% of its own nitrogen.

Why Use Smart Release Fertilisers?

Smart Release fertilisers are designed to add minerals and nutrients to the soil over time, resulting in a healthier and more enriched soil which in turn leads to better health for your grass and plants. Nitrogen dominant fertilisers on the other hand, will result in a short-term health kick for your grass – it will grow green for a little while – but the only thing that is healthy is the leaf (or blade of grass), you’re not putting any nutrients into the soil. The soil requires those nutrients for the longevity of the plant and the natural state of the environment.

Why Use Dusty Clay Smart Release Fertilisers?

Soil can vary significantly from region to region – factors such as how close to the coast your property is located, topography, original native vegetation, how much rain fall you receive and the types of vegetation that you are growing now, along with many other factors, will determine and influence the chemical balance of your soil. Our products are specifically designed to address the current chemical make-up of soil found in different regions such as the Gold Coast, Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, adding the minerals and nutrients that soil in those regions tend to be lacking in.

We’re testing in many areas now, keep your eye on social media and we may want to do a test in your yard! If we do we’ll give you a good fertiliser sample and when you subscribe you’ll have the option to have all your custom fertiliser requirements delivered to your door on time every year at a discounted rate.

Focusing your efforts on improving the health of your soil first, rather than just the health of your plants will ensure that your lawn and gardens are less susceptible to the effects of the seasons and unfavourable weather.

Slowing the Water Cycle

Our fertilisers are designed to be as environmentally sustainable as possible. By improving the health of the underlying soil, your grass will be able to thrive year-long and will require significantly less watering as their health benefits. This is important during dry seasons and drought.

With healthier soil and more vibrant plants, creating more leaf/organic matter and a healthier root structure, you’ll be able to slow your soils water cycle down. The water will be able to penetrate and be held in the soil longer, helping them use the water more efficiently. The healthier your whole garden becomes, the more efficient it becomes.

If you would like more information regarding the benefits of Smart Release fertilisers then please get in touch with Dusty Clay today. Call .