About Dusty Clay Fertilisers

Our Story: 225 years farming in Australia

Brothers Dusty & Clay are 5th Generation Goondiwindi farmers and descendants of Australia’s first Farmer, Thomas Rose. They started their own farming career back in 2000 when they founded Bellona Beef along with their mother, sister and grandfather.

The brothers have always enjoyed a more kinaesthetic connection and understanding of natural systems and animals, and when they expanded their family operations to central western Queensland, they became passionate about sustainable agriculture. This resulted in a shift towards operating as more of a biological, food growing business than traditional agriculture.

Breeding cattle and working with the Dept. of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries (DaFF) as well as industry leaders in things such as pasture species for land type and carbon sequestration, they began regenerating tired soils into dark nutrient rich soil and building humus. Over time, they were able to grow crops (through outside the box thinking and expert guidance from their super Agronomist Ian Moss) on their non-irrigated cropping land that rivalled that of their irrigated neighbours.

These results led the brothers down the path of regenerative agriculture in cropping and grazing, understanding more as the trials of nature went on and continuously improving from good to better to great, establishing best practices as they progressed.


Visiting their “city cousins” regularly brought about many inquiries about the environment, soil and plant nutrition, and how that related to their gardens. Answering with passion, the brothers would help when and where they could. This inspired them over the years as they saw those gardens flourish. The main stumbling points were simple to Dusty and Clay, and could be simply traced back to soil health.

And so Dusty Clay Fertilisers was born – pairing Dusty and Clay’s expert knowledge and skills that they learnt in the farming and agriculture industry with their unbridled passion for making the biggest positive impact that they can on the environment, during their lives.

Our products are designed to help our city cousins change the way that they think about their surrounds and it is our mission to add to the collective knowledge of the greater community by bringing our skills and experience with open arms to urban areas.

Passionate About the Environment

Living so close to the coast, plants in South East Queensland are exposed to some of the best possible conditions to flourish in. Unfortunately, these conditions are often wasted by using garden products that simply aren’t suited to the environment and soil type.

Our products are tailored to suit your geographical area to make sure your plants flourish and choke out any undesirable species, such as clovers and weeds. We even offer custom blends, subject to testing of your specific soil, to give your plants and grass the best possible chance to thrive.

As a group of grain farmers, we’re incredibly passionate about preserving the environment and ensuring your grass and plant life has the best chance of success possible. We don’t use any chemicals that are harmful to the environment, and we use as many natural products as possible for our fertilisers, such as rock formations and plant matter.

We developed our blends based on centuries of farming experience, aided by modern technology, to accurately blend a fertiliser that’s perfect for your soil’s chemical balance.

Dusty Clay Smart-Release Fertilisers

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